Fact 1:
Dentures don’t last forever
Nothing does. And while it’s true that the modern denture is more durable than ever before, you can still break a tooth or the denture base by simply dropping them a few inches. Even with painstaking care, denture teeth can lose their natural appearance and chewing ability due to the cumulative effects of chewing, brushing and age. Plus, your mouth changes over time. These gradual changes, coupled with the gradual changes in your denture, explain why you should visit your dental professional regularly. Your dental professional will look for:

• looseness caused by tissue changes
• bad odor caused by absorption of fluid and bacteria
• color change due to age or reaction to mouth fluids
• stains and calculus deposits resulting from mouth fluids. As a result, you can expect your dental professional to recommend replacing or refitting your dentures every 5 to 7 years.